Modern Travel can be Confusing.

We're here to simplify it for you. How?

Expert Ratings and Reviews

Our in-house experts are some of the most experienced and seasoned travelers out there in the world. They are well-versed in the travel industry, and know it inside and out. When looking for an expert opinion on a travel brand, look no further than SkyCARD ONE. Our ratings and reviews are the results of in-depth research, thorough scoring, and countless hours of traveling experience. All bundled into ONE SkyCARD for you to see and decide.

Personalized Travel Journal

Expert opinions are a great way to get started in modern travel, but at the end of the day, it’s about YOUR experience while traveling, right? At SkyCARD ONE, we want to help you become your own authority. We’re in the process of creating a membership site where you can chronicle your own travels, make your own reviews and rankings, and create your own SkyCARD. If you cover something we haven’t, it’s automatically submitted for addition to our database!

Loyalty/Reward Coverage

When it comes to travel, loyalty and reward points offered by airlines, hotels, and credit cards are the most valuable currency around. Of course, some are more valuable than others, and there are nuances to watch out for. While a company’s loyalty program and corresponding credit cards are included in its SkyCARD, we offer additional data, ratings, and reviews on these particular items as they are an integral part of an effective travel strategy.

SkyCARD ONE is currently under construction!

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