Learn how to make your travel dollar go further.

Everyone should travel. Not only is it a fun experience, you learn so much from it that you otherwise would not have to help you grow as a person. Therefore, you should think of traveling as an investment, and one worth your time and money. But we get it – some people are in financial situations that don’t allow for impulsive travel or don’t have the freedom due to their schedules to go wherever they want for however long they want. In addition, there is an incorrect misconception that traveling has to be expensive.

Here at The Lost Geographer Travels, we want to get as many people traveling as possible. Not only is it the best form of diplomacy to help bridge cultural gaps, but it’s also a form of personal development that allows you to become a better person. That’s why we’ve done all the research we can into seeing how people can maximize the value of their travel dollar, no matter their budget.

You see, there’s plenty of advice out there on how to save money on travel (you can start with our blog). Fortunately, a lot of it is accurate. However, it’s spread all over the place and can be information overload. You learn all these tips and tricks on how to save money on the flight, your accommodation, and how to not get ripped off by exchange rate fees, but you don’t necessarily know how to implement them, leading to analysis by paralysis. That’s why we’ve created The Ultimate Guide to Maximizing your Travel Dollar.

This course will cover every aspect of making your travel dollar go further, no matter how much you’re willing to spend. Want to bootstrap your way across Europe? No problem, we can help with that! Want to splurge on a honeymoon trip to Bora Bora? We can help you too! We cater to every budget, because we understand that everybody wants different things out of their vacation.

What’s the greatest part about this course? No matter which tier you choose, it will pay for itself after your first trip, and you can keep using the same tactics for the rest of your life, as the fundamentals will stay the same throughout this course. We will be updating it annually to keep up with changes in the travel industry. It’s a small investment compared to the tens and thousands you’ll save in your lifetime through travel. In addition, if you don’t feel that you’ve gotten value from this course, we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. 

So, now that you know there’s absolutely no risk involved in purchasing, let’s go on to the tiers that we offer!





Recommended for:

High school, university, or graduate students (those without steady income) worldwide


  • Travel Hacking
  • Building credit
  • Leveraging every purchase to earn rewards
  • Maximizing your points for redemption
  • Avoiding unnecessary fees and ripoff exchange rates
  • Building a system that allows you to accrue points without realizing
  • Safety tips
  • Budgeting for travel
  • Cool apps and websites


Recommended for:

Those with steady income who live outside the United States of America


  • Everything in the student tier plus…
  • Leveraging credit cards
  • Tips for smart spending with credit cards
  • Saving for travel with your income
  • Prioritizing your spending for travel
  • Picking the correct banks and credit cards
  • Careers with flexibility in travel


Recommended for:

Those with steady income who are residents of the United States of America


  • Everything in the general tier plus…
  • Leveraging US specific credit cards
  • In-depth analysis of American rewards programs
  • US specific banks and cards that offer amazing travel perks
  • Apps that cater mostly to US travelers

Can't pay all up front? No worries, we offer payment plans! Click the "Learn More" button on your desired tier to see the breakdowns.